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Cost Reduction Analysis


Cost Reduction


How we Begin

Our first step is to schedule a meeting time to start the process. The initial meeting should involve all pertinent parties in order to make the process go more quickly, and smoothly. Initial meetings typically take about one hour to complete.

We maintain an extremely low profile whenever we are in your environment. Direct contact with your associates is limited to a conversation with the individual who has primary responsibility for a group of products or services.   This helps us to understand and document your exact service/product requirements so that we can begin to identify cost reduction opportunities.



Implementation of a cost reduction program will both reduce expenses and increase efficiency.   We examine small, medium and large organizations for opportunities to reduce overhead.  Our sole purpose is to help you manage expenses.  We do not sell any products or represent any suppliers.  We simply look at items or services you currently purchase and identify opportunities for cost reduction.   


Cost Reduction Analysis

The Cost Reduction Analysis we provide is a detailed overview of cost savings opportunities specific to your company.  You will be presented with a report outlining cost reduction recommendations, including savings, errors and/or overcharges that will immediately help your business reduce overhead.

Items we analyze:

  • Contracts
  • Supplies
  • Operational Inefficiencies
  • Credit Card usage
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Utilities
  • Shipping Costs
  • Waste Management
  • and Many More


Our Relationship with Clients

  • All of our findings and recommendations are held strictly confidential.
  • If there are areas the client does not wish to address, for any reason, we will respect their wishes.
  • We help encourage employees to be more cost-conscious, without being perceived as a threat to them.
  • We do not sell products or services.
  • We are not agents of our clients, so we do not and cannot make decisions on their behalf. We make recommendations. The vast majority of the time, our clients accept our recommendations and we assist in implementing them.

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