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Case Studies


Cost Reduction Analysis

Property Management:

$9.5 Million in savings

Review of a maintenance contract estimated to service 400 elevators revealed that actually only serviced 170 and resulted in an accumulation of $9.5 million surplus.

General Business:

$50,000 in savings

Review of a general services contract revealed cost of work performed was less than contracted and resulted in a $50,000 surplus.


$4 Million in savings

Review of a renewed medical services contract revealed no increase in services or covered lives from previous fiscal year yet a cost doubled with an increase of $4 million.


$1 Million in savings

Review of a transportation contract revealed a request for a $1.1 million increase for services projected to cost $365,000. Account currently had unencumbered reserves of $352,165.

General Business:

$200,000 in savings

Review of a services contract revealed a request for increase for services projected to cost $214,000. Account currently had unencumbered reserves of $200,500.

Personal Care Services:

84% Reduction in Monthly Costs

Review of marketing plan revealed programs producing no new clients. Change of marketing plans resulted in increase in clients and extensive reduction in costs.


25% Reduction in Annual Costs

Uncompromising commitment to delivering ongoing expense reduction and cost savings strategies were beneficial to private sector employers, reducing department costs by 25%.

Revenue Review Analysis

County Population

 (Results Vary)

10,000 +/-


14,000 +/-

$186,564.65 reoccurring / $166,082.82 one-time

16,000 +/-

$10,800 re-occurring / $10,590.06 one-time

16,000 +/-

$67,987.99 re-occurring / $246,990.16 one-time

19,000 +/-

$72,000 re-occurring / $72,000 one-time

29,000 +/-

$494,447 re-occurring / $109,184.04 one-time

Additional monies expected as several other revenue sources currently under review

*Please note the above amounts are no guarantee of similar findings in peer counties


Decision Support

Client needed to discover what the origin of a lien on file for a parcel of land. With only a few hours remaining to close the deal, the client did not have time to train an employee on deed research. Donna had the answer for the client within 15 minutes. The client was able to contact the lien holder to have the lien removed and the deal closed on time.

Client needed information on Sunshine Laws. Information discovered in unrelated section of state law provided to client resulted in favorable judgment.

Client needed thorough review Federal Acquisition rules and a precise, structured plan of action after denial of application and client had no available staff to assign to project. Review and action plan resulted in discovery of very limited time for appeal which client met and was able to file proper appeals.

Individual - Client needed information on ability to recoup legal fees. Information discovered in law review resulted in recovery of over $60,000 in legal fees.

Surety Services - Client needed information on international recognition of liability. Information discovered assisted in gaining necessary process support in foreign country.