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Decision Support


The role of an independent information professional/information consultant is to research information for clients and to be a provider of critical information.  We serve both businesses and individuals that require expert help for finding specific information.

The Barrett Group offers three distinct venues of decision support:


Problem Resolution & Response

Problem Resolutions & Response is our process of assisting an organization dealing with events (internal or external) that impair the organization. Whether it is avoiding impairment or dealing with the impairment before, during, and after they have occurred, The Barrett Group offers a discipline consisting of skills and techniques required to identify, assess, understand, and cope with your difficult situation.


Legal Research

Legal Research is our process to find what we call "authority", which will aid in finding a solution to a legal and/or regulatory problem.  Law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies and a variety of organizations utilize these services.  This type of research requires recognition, evaluation, organization, analysis, and communication of relevant facts and legal concepts.  Our legal research includes:

  • Investigating the facts of a matter
  • Conducting research on relevant laws, regulations, and legal articles
  • Organizing and present the information
  • Strategizing development and long-range planning as a problem solving and decision-making process


Legislative Research

Legislative Research is our process of assisting an organization in obtaining a firm understanding of various processes; business, legal and governmental, among others.  Having served as a State Representative, Donna possesses valuable first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of government, regulations and their affect on business processes.

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