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Revenue Review Analysis


Donna Barrett

How We Can Help Your County

After my many years serving in the state legislature, learning of the relationship or lack of relationship between state, counties and cities, I discovered that it is not unusual for collected taxes not to be correctly credited to the counties.

For years we have been operating in a system transitioning from operating on paper to new high-tech computer systems. All the while these new high-tech computer systems quickly obsolete themselves within a couple of years. Not surprising, there are going to be deeply buried errors.

The bottom line is this, there is a fair possibility that there are county income streams improperly credited to other local governments, income streams that were never collected and/or new income opportunities that have been overlooked for years. We can politely call them unidentified funds, but for all practical purposes these are good as lost and will never be discovered or recovered without professional, experienced help.

Here is what we do. The Barrett Group begins a meticulous search for your lost money. If we find some, most times we are able to collect the past one to three or so years. The Barrett Group gets a percentage for only what we have just found for you. From that point forward, those funds will now be correctly credited to you.

Sometimes there is nothing to collect from past years, but we discover an unidentified potential revenue stream. We then help your county make the corrections going forward to collect that revenue in the future. In those instances, we again get a percentage, but based only on the first year of collection.

The process, which may include, comparing state and county records, reviewing maps, certain legislation, rules and regulation, may take six months to 2 years, but will not require much, if any, time from county employees.

It is a winning plan. With no capital outlay whatsoever, the county starts benefiting from the first year. Most of these newfound revenues will still be beneficial to the county over the next 30 years. If so, you will have paid a small percentage to make 30 years of revenue.

It is a sad time when we discover years and years of badly needed revenue lost because of statute of limitations that could have been well spent for the taxpayer. That is why the best time to start ls today.

We will do our best for your county.

Examples of Results

County Population

 (Results Vary)

12,000 +/-


14,000 +/-

$186,564.65 re-occurring / $166,082.82 one-time

16,000 +/-

$10,800 re-occurring / $10,590.06 one-time

16,000 +/-

$79,973.42 re-occurring / $305,907.14 one-time

20,000 +/-

$41,978.19 re-occurring / $72,366.81 one-time

29,000 +/-

$494,447 re-occurring / $109,184.04 one-time

29,000 +/-

$69,954.50 re-occurring / $102,997.51 one-time

Additional monies expected as several other revenue sources currently under review

*Please note the above amounts are no guarantee of similar findings in peer counties

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